Reusable Sex Cup

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Reusable Sex Cup

In order to protect your privacy, we promise to send your products packing in a secret condition, and the item name will be written as"Plastic cup or plastic samples" no any words or pictures with "SEX"

We promise you the masturbators we sell are absolutely original, you can check the code on the official website to prove when you receive it.
The Deep Throat CUP's hourglass shape provides a sublime tightness.
Special valves create a virtual vacuum inside the CUP to deliver an amazing sucking sensation.
Several unique features combine to create a vivid stimulation, using advanced technology and unprecedented internal design for the epitome of sensations!
The most popular sex Cup, as the name suggests, provides a deep sucking effect that's sure to please. It has set the bar for all the other masturbator onacups since its launch.
The Official Japanese TENGA Deep Throat Cup is a specially designed onacup which creates a “deep” sucking effect. This is achieved by combining the curve in the midsection and a special one-way air valve on the silicone sleeve which creates a vacuum effect. The air hole on the top has a removable seal allowing you full control of the suction. Another bonus of this wonderful device is the slurping sound created from the suction effect.

Estimated Delivery Time:12-20days

You can use this product many times after cleaning it well. Carefully open the product after use and wash the silicone part. Do not wash the sponge parts. Wash the product gently in warm water (not so hot) and natural soap. First dry with a towel. Then leave to dry for a while. After the pieces dry, reassemble and place enough water-based lubricant into the product before using again. Using it again without clean is not recommended for your health. Do not use again from clean. Do not use it again without clean.



The Ultra Size and Super Vacuum "U.S." TENGA range is designed for both larger men or those who prefer a less tightened sensation. Enjoy your freedom to insert deeper than ever with an even stronger vacuum sensation!